Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems

Reset that GFI (GFCI)

A lot of the time in the kitchens, baths, garages, and outdoor outlets, outlets (receptacle) and devices are connected to a ground fault receptacle for protection in wet locations. Learn how to reset this device and avoid a costly fix!

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Don’t Blow a Fuse

Overloading a circuit is easy to do, especially in an older home where the design requirements were no where near the demands of our plugged in society today. If you have fuses you really need an upgrade as that type of system is obsolete.

Resetting the Garbage Disposal

When your garbage disposal quits working, you might think it's time to call a plumber. A lot of the time disposals will have a reset button on the unit. Be sure that the GFI outlet is in the reset mode as well.

Keep your family safe

When your smoke detectors work, they are your front line protection, keeping you and your family safe. Don't take them for granted. Smoke detectors require testing and battery replacements regularly.

Why won’t the light dim?

Sometimes going green can create some trouble, especially with this trend in lighting and power saving light bulbs. Most CFL and LED lamps won't dim unless they say so on the package.

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