Mission Statement

Fc Electric truly strives to make each customer priority one. We pursue these challenges through constant improvement in all aspects of what we do while keeping quality and our ethical values at the core.


Fc Electric was started by owner Paul Terhune with a simple yet hard to find philosophy. "Make happy customers." With statistics showing that one unhappy customer will likely tell ten others about their experience, and one happy customer telling only one or two, Fc Electric has truly built its foundation one customer at a time. 

While Fc Electric has its roots in renovations of historic homes and properties around the greater Lafayette, Indiana area, today we can handle almost any electrical need. Through the years, Fc Electric has developed hundreds of good customers and reviews. The company has diversified its staff, and is in constant improvement of equipment and education. Fc Electric can confidently handle a wide range of services.

Bucket Truck

We take pride in the years of happy customers and many projects.

Find out how we can meet and exceed your electrical needs.