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Going Green and saving money

CFL verses LED There are many options for replacing standard light bulbs for savings and green thinking. Get the pros and cons. Click above icon Be prepared for power outage Lately, power failures are becoming more of a threat thanks to an overloaded grid, older power lines and bad weather. There are many options! Click above icon Energy saving tips Unless your made of money we all would like to cheat the electrical meter, not to mention, help the power grid for a greener America. Click above icon Get rid of the wall wart We live with car chargers and wall chargers, but they take up valuable outlet space. This new cool outlet come to the rescue in your office or favorite room. Click above icon 

 While the cost of solar panels is still

cost probative, this evolving

technology is still a forerunner of

solving our future power needs. Click

the picture and read an interesting

view on this topic

Many Companies are going green

when it comes to there power needs.

There are many government

supported programs, tax cuts and

credits for such investments. While

some choose to update the whole

infrastructure some can still make a

difference with relatively small

investments. Click the picture to get

more on this.


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